How to sync AirBnb calendar with - use of Booking calendar channel manager

Ok, so you have an AirBnb account as well as Tired of closing dates on each extranet? Check our Booking calendar web application that manages that and much more.

This is 4 easy steps on how to sync your AirBnb with Booking calendar (and

1) Go to API Settings and find option Connect with AirBnb. (image 1). Select option highlighted in red color.

2) Enter your Airbnb email and password. IMPORTANT NOTICE: YOUR AIRBNB EMAIL AND PASSWORD ARE NOT STORED ON OUR SERVERS. We use it only once to get auth token from Airbnb servers, we use that token later on when we need to authenticate.

3) In step 3 we connect to Airbnb to get your listings. We need to map your Airbnb listings to units created in Booking calendar. (image 3). 

4) Step 4 (image 4) is an option to import all upcoming reservations from Airbnb to Booking calendar.

When we are finished, our Airbnb listings will be mapped to our Booking calendar listings and all reservations that we make on Airbnb will be imported in corresponding unit inside Booking calendar. That unit is automatically closed on


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